I got my first legit “Have you been working out?” Hell yeah bay bay!

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Final Fantasy VII - Interrupted by Fireworks

I can honestly just sit down and listen to the FF7 OST straight through. It’s probably just nostalgia since there are so many memories associated with these tracks, but a lot of these songs are genuinely good.


(Start at 1:59)

The only ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video that got me to donate. Usual bandwagon techniques don’t usually work on me, so seeing this was probably the only thing that would have gotten me to do anything for ALS.

"If I simply dump ice on my head I don’t think you’re really gonna get the point."

Everybody fucking watch this right God damn now.

That was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written.

Yeah but that best record in baseball tho…

Will are u ok there buddy

Yeah I’m great! I just kind of realized that there are some very short moments in life when you’re inexplicably vulnerable and certain things seem like good ideas like an ill-advised text or a passive aggressive Facebook status. I think it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not thinking straight in these situations.

I think life has a lot to do with how you deal with those fleeting moments of weakness.

I love when people in their social media descriptions write “foodie” or “food lover” or something along those lines. Like holy shit you enjoy the consumption of edible goods for sustenance? You especially like it when the food you’re eating tastes good? You’re such an individual!



dgneener I have apparently been tagged in a post that I cannot find. welp

I did tag you in a post! It was this morning and it was like a 3 AM thought and I took it down bc I felt dumb. I was just asking if you remembered when Some Nights came on the radio and you were like, “I don’t want to listen to this…” And then I was like, “just do it!” And you were like ok, like without any hesitation, and you blasted it and sang really passionately

Dude totes. Sometimes I need to remember what it’s like to channel my inner N8. We all have an inner N8, it’s just about finding it.

dgneener I have apparently been tagged in a post that I cannot find. welp